Leadership and Business Strength

Globalwise was formed in 1996 by Bruce Prenguber. This was after Bruce started in state government and then moved to private industry. He combines his experience growing up on a farm with his education in agricultural economics and lots of years working with good people and learning the practical side of economic analysis. He is an agricultural economist, but food, farms and related business topics are not the sole focus of the firm.

We are small, nimble and very customer focused, by choice. Our specialties center on:

  • agricultural resource analysis
  • food market research
  • litigation economic analysis and
  • economic impact analysis

Our firm strives for practical client solutions without “the black box.” Our tools are proven methods to ensure actionable results. We also team up when our clients need added skills. What we promise, we deliver.

Learn more about Bruce and his business background.

Bruce Prenguber

Bruce Prenguber, Principal